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Middle Management Development Program

Our Middle Management Development Programme is a bespoke programme that has been designed and developed to provide specific advice and knowledge to future leaders with the skills they need to support their company in its mission to be the business of choice within a specific industry, as well as to progress in their own careers. It consists of seven two-day modules, each covering a different topic area.

Topics include Leadership and management, Strategy, Team working, Problem solving, Communication skills, and Performance management. Throughout, the focus is not just on the transmission of information, but on providing activities that challenge and engage the delegates.

After each module, delegates are given the opportunity to discuss the topics in depth by attending a one-on-one mentoring session with the facilitator. Each module is formally assessed and at the end of the programme, teams of delegates will give a presentation on one element of their corporate strategy to their seniors.


Leadership and Management Program (LMP) Certificate Course

In collaboration with Leoron Professional Development Institute, the Leadership and Management Program is available as a five-day workshop, wich will give managers and future organisational leaders the tools and framework to ensure they are aware (or are creating) the organizational vision, mission and values and are imbuing their team in those key areas. It focuses on the personal behaviours of leadership, motivating for performance improvement, developing employees for performance improvement and increased motivation, frameworks for problem solving and decision making, performance management and leading a team towards the mission vision and values of the organisation. Successful completion of the course will give the learner a Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management from the ILM, which is Europe’s leading management award body.

Certified International Auditors (CIA) Certificate Course


We are pleased to partner with Leoron Professional Development Institute to provide the Certified International Auditors program, which consists of three courses and utilizes The Institute of Internal Auditors CIA Learning System. This certificate program provides the student with an in-depth review of the global CIA exam syllabus and materials included in The IIA’s CIA Learning System. The IIA’s CIA Learning System is a premier quality CIA review course designed to meet the unique needs of busy internal audit professionals. Developed under the guidance of CIA certified subject matter experts, this program provides the tools necessary to successfully prepare for the CIA exam.