BAE Systems SDT celebrates 25th Anniversary.

big puzzle and a man completing the picture of 25 anniversary logo

We have recently celebrated BAE Systems Saudi Development and Training 25th Anniversary

This is an exceptional event for a Saudi Technical Training Company who has been proudly preparing thousands of young Saudis for the future, through which our Customers are ensuring the readiness and availability of their vital assets. It is incredible to know that our technicians, who we have trained, are assembling aircrafts that will be flown and maintained by a generation yet to be born. We look at our anniversary as a sign of our Customers’ trust in our capability that has allowed to us to grow to the point where this year we secured European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) part 147 approval. Our journey has not ended here and we look at our 25 years as a maturity milestone in our training experience where we can leverage our unique heritage to either grow further into new markets and specialties of training or improving what we do today. The use of a great combination of state-of-the-art training aids and simulators is what also makes us proud of the experience and capability we deliver to our trainees while we ensure they operate with a safety first mind set. When we train our people, we believe in the impact we are making not only at an individual level, but also from a strategic perspective by supporting the wider Vision of the country.