Quality Management Competency
Development Program
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Course Title:
Quality Management Competency Development Program

Course Code: PROF003

Course Overview:

The purpose of this course is to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate an effective incident investigation, problem-solving analysis, safety management concepts, and quality management tools for aviation organisations.
• This extensive 20-day class provides delegates a broad coverage of Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Safety Management Systems (SMS), and Quality Management Systems (QMS) techniques and tools.
• The training introduces delegates to a Quality Management Portfolio and Concepts for an effective compliance monitoring program that examines areas such as: QMS, SMS, RCA. They are all methods for incident problem solving methodology, demonstration of the most appropriate tools and techniques to investigate and solve a variety of management problems.

Target Audience:

This course is ideal for anyone whose job involves quality, safety, and problem solving. As a minimum, all supervisors and lead personnel should take this course and anyone desiring a general understanding of quality management competencies to include auditing process, problem-solving/error-proofing techniques and tools for process performance, product conformance, safety management and quality management systems, engineering processes, quality control, especially supervisors and managers.

Course Duration:

20 days

Course Programme Summary of Content:

  • Objectives:

    • Increased confidence in risk controls though structured assurance processes
    • A safety promotion framework to support a sound safety and quality culture
    • Product failures, process failures and poor product quality (defects)
    • Poor process flow and productivity/ cost of poor events and rework
    • Effective auditing process and delivery
  • Benefits:

    Quality management competencies help to develop and improve quality and process flow, productivity while also improving staff morale as employees in on organisation. Your people become engaged and empowered in the creative process of problem solving and process improvement. SMS is a structured means of safety risk management decision making. A means of demonstrating safety management capability before system failures occur at all levels of the aviation organisation that go beyond the routine auditing processes.