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Course Code: PROF014

Course Overview:

Mustakbal is a tried and tested leadership programme that is designed to develop the new potential leaders in your organisation. As the customer you can be supported in your talent selection process for this programme as well as having it delivered in a flexible modular format to suit your business' busy schedule. Your delegates will be introduced to the latest Leadership and Management theory through a series of interactive exercises delivered by the best instructors currently available. These instructors come with a vast array of leadership experience as well as being masters of the art of teaching. The evaluation for this programme involves the delegate in producing either a report or a presentation on a current management issue facing your company; the evaluation of the delegates can be tailored to your needs.

Course Duration:


Course Programme Summary of Content:

  • Mustakbal Course Module Examples

    • Introduction to the company
    • What it means to be a Strategic Leader
    • Understanding yourself and Working well with others
    • Understanding Management Leadership
    • Understanding & Negotiating with your customer
    • Understanding how to lead successful projects "Understanding the money"
    • How to get the best performance from the team
    • Problem solving & the wisdom of thinking
    • Capstone event
  • Course Aims

    • To provide greater understanding of the wider business.
    • To enable you to assess the market place in which you work and create a strategy that helps you achieve your goals.
    • To build the delegate's emotional intelligence and introduce them to some key tools for their Executive Toolbox.
    • Explore the delegate's preferred leadership style and to understand the different approaches they could utilise depending on the audience, level of maturity and tasks to be completed.
    • To develop, through the use of case studies and group learning, a greater understanding of the functions within the organisation.
    • To empower candidates with the basic knowledge and skills that underpin project and financial management.
    • To equip delegate's with the skills and confidence to manage a team to achieve high performance and deal effectively with difficult issues that arise.
    • To equip delegate's to solve problems through critical and creative thinking.
    • To allow delegate's to share what they have learnt with senior people from the business.