Middle Management Development Programme 
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Course Title:
Middle Management
Development Programme

Course Code: PROF013

Course Overview:

  • The Middle Management Development Programme is designed to improve the leaders already within your organisation utilising the best teaching practice available. The course material is full of interactive exercises and relevant examples to bring out the latest in Leadership and Management techniques.
  • The Programme has full capability to match the course material to your business needs as well as to work around your busy schedules.
  • The programme con be delivered anywhere in Kingdom by experienced BAE Systems SDT instructors, who are experts in the field of Leadership. If requested, all delegates can be thoroughly evaluated throughout the course to produce evidence of improvement, with a final report being produced at the conclusion.

Course Duration:


Course Programme Summary of Content:

  • Examples of Modules available are:

    • Finance for non-finance managers
    • Management and Leadership
    • Coaching
    • Team Working
    • Problem Solving
    • Communication
    • Performance Management
    • Other module subjects can be added at the customer's request
  • Course Aims

    • Providing an understanding of what drives financial performance allowing the delegate to focus on activities that drive your business forward.
    • An overview of the history of leadership theory and theoretical models with a view to making them directly relevant to your workplace.
    • Highlight the importance of effective communication to leaders. Activities are used throughout to engage the students and to prove the reasoning for carefully considering their communication channels.
    • Understand the principles and complexities in team creation, through team development and finally to a team performing well. Through activities and discussion the theory is brought out with thought provoking exercises to prove the relevance to them.
    • Understand tools and techniques of how to solve problems effectively and efficiently. These are discussed with theories and related to the workplace by the experienced instructors.
    • Describe and explain what performance management is, how it works and why it is important. Scenarios are used to demonstrate good, and bad performance management practice and delegates are encouraged to discuss their own examples.
    • Ability to describe and explain their company's corporate strategy with reference to current theory and models.