Introduction to System Safety Management
Part B
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Course Title:
Introduction to System Safety Management - Part B

Course Code: PROF007

Course Overview:

The Week B course is intended to dig deeper into some of the concepts introduced in Week A, and to introduce some more advanced topic areas. In particular, focus on the roles of organisations and individuals in engineering and operating safe products and services, and on challenges for safety in software—and data-centric systems.
  • Introduce models of organisational design, management structure and programme management and explain how they impact on safety 
  • Examine how humans—as individuals or in groups—can affect safety 
  • Describe how concepts and measures of human error can be incorporated in qualitative and quantitative system safety analysis 
  • Further explore the basic concepts of safety justification and evidence introduced in Week A 
  • Explain how system safety can be managed throughout the lifecycle of a product or service, including in change situations 
  • Introduce basic concepts and challenges relating  to safety software 

Target Audience:

Managers and practitioners on projects with a high safety-critical content 

Course Duration:

5 days

Course Programme Summary of Content:

  • Description

    The system safety concepts are taught in the context of theory and actual safety-critical engineering experiences from a number of domains. The concepts are taught in the context of theory and actual experiences from a number of safety-critical domains. The course is taught as a mix of lectures and small-group exercises, in which students are invited to reflect on their own experience in the context of scoped examples based on realistic scenarios.
  • Benefits

    • An understanding of the human influence on safety and how this can be managed and analysed
    • Experience of human factors analysis techniques, safety case production and review and safety programme design
    • An appreciation of how safety can be managed throughout the operational life of the product or service
    • A basic understanding of the challenges for safety in software– and data-centric systems
    • An appreciation of the relationship between safety and security in modern systems

Award on Completion:

Non accredited