Introduction to System Safety Management
Part A
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Course Title:
Introduction to System Safety Management - Part A

Course Code: PROF002

Course Overview:

The Introduction to System Safety Engineering and Management Part A course is intended to give students an introduction to basic concepts of system safety engineering, together with some experience of common analysis techniques.
The system safety concepts are taught in the context of theory and actual safety-critical engineering experiences from a number of domains, using exercises that invite students to reflect on their own experience in the context of scoped examples based on realistic scenarios.

Target Audience:

Anyone working in the area of Systems Safety Engineering, and with roles in analysing systems or influencing design in order to reduce risks.

Course Duration:

5 days

Course Programme Summary of Content:

  • Objectives:

    • Define basic safety terminology
    • Explain basic concepts relating to risk and risk management
    • Describe a basic safety-critical systems engineering lifecycle and describe how major safety engineering activities fit into this lifecycle
    • Explain basic concepts of safety justification and evidence
    • Introduce the concept of a Safety Management System
  • Benefits:

    • An understanding of basic safety engineering concepts and terminology.
    • An appreciation of the role and position of safety engineering in the product lifecycle through the whole life of the product, from concept to disposal.
    • An understanding of the importance of critical reflection on safety activities and their results.
    • Experience to discuss and reflect on their experience, and to raise questions within the Company if necessary.

Award on Completion:

Non accredited