Human Factors
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Course Title:
Human Factors

Course Code: PROF001

Course Overview:

Understand human behaviour and performance in aviation operations, and how Human Factors knowledge can be used to optimise the fit between people and the systems in which they work in order to improve safety and performance.
The course aims to achieve a good understanding of the concept of safety culture and appreciate what is meant by the organisational aspects of human factors. Participants will learn the different ways of reducing errors and mitigating their consequences by recognising the effect of physical limitations and environmental factors on human performance, that humans are fallible, and gain knowledge of when and where humans are vulnerable to error.

Target Audience:

Those working in aviation roles, especially any safety-critical positions.

Course Duration:

2 days

Course Programme Summary of Content:

  • Objectives:

    • Define basic aviation Human Factors concept and understand the goal of Human Factors training
    • Understand the different types of errors, their implications, avoiding and managing error in human performance in relation to aviation operations
    • Integrate Human Factors knowledge into key areas of aviation operations
    • Understand and apply Human Factors knowledge to safety investigations
  • Benefits:

    • Enhanced Safety Culture: Avoiding errors and better managing of errors when they occur.
    • Improved Human Performance: Understand what motivates people and what de-motivates people in a maintenance engineering context. Appreciate the need to avoid misdirected motivation.
    • Better Communication and Teamwork: Focus on what motivates people and how the physical and social environment can affect human performance.
    • Enhanced Management Decision making: Better supervision and leadership, and increased focus on professionalism and integrity.

Award on Completion:

Non accredited