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Course Title:
BAES SDT – Soft Skills Courses

Course Code: PROF005

Course Overview:

Soft Skills, also known as Professional Skills,  are a mixture of an individual’s personal attributes that relate to their ability to interact and operate effectively with other people. Soft skills are non-specific and non-technical skills that instead deal more with personality and capability to engage with others in a positive and flexible way. Whilst not as easy to demonstrate as technical skills through a qualification, Soft Skills are just as important to performing well in any job.

Target Audience:

Anyone at any level in an organisation will benefit from enhanced Soft Skills training. Any of the below can be tailored to meet requirements.

Course Duration:

Soft Skills are the difference between an average worker and a higher performer, as communication skills, team working ability, social skills and time management are all required in order to achieve good results in any position. Those with strong soft skills are better equipped to navigate the work environment, get the best from themselves and from others around them. In any job market, Soft Skills are seen as being key as to what makes a good employee and being able to demonstrate them is crucial in showing  great potential to succeed and progress in your career.
Soft Skills Courses offered:

Team Working - 1 Day - Gain skills needed to work effectively as teams in order to meet the organisation’s objectives.

Communication Skills - 1 Day - Designed to help people to make maximum use of their daily interactions with colleagues and customers.

Problem Solving & Decision Making - 1 Day - Delegates will explore the potential of creative & logical thinking in a theoretical & pragmatic way.

Presentation Skills - 2 Days - The aim of this course is to give delegates the skills  to conduct business presentations in a clear and professional way.

Performance Management - 1 Day - To develop knowledge, skills and best practice of Performance Management in order to improve individual and team performance.

Report Writing - 1 Day - assisting those involved in writing reports, focusing on structuring and ensuring that the message is relayed correctly.

Foundational Management Skills (FMS) - 2 Days - Basic supervisory/team leader skills to help delegates deputise for their department managers.

City & Guilds Foundation Level 1106 Train the Trainer – 3 Days - Delegates will gain basic knowledge & skills to enable them to understand how students learn, how to prepare lessons, understand how to design & successfully deliver and evaluate learning of training objectives.

Managing People & Process – 4 x 2 Days - Modules include: Management & Leadership, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Working with Teams and Performance Management.