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Course Title:
Aircraft Fundamentals

Course Code: TECH001

Course Overview:

  • The overall objective is to provide on appreciation of aviation fundamentals for newcomers to the Aviation Industry.
  • The course introduces trainees to aviation terminology that will familiarise them with basic aircraft systems theory, that is reinforced at a practical level.
  • Overall learning objectives for trainees:
    • Build communicative skills specific to the aerospace industry through customised English language training. Gain a comprehensive understanding of aircraft from "nose-to-tail" covering:
      • Major aircraft components
      • Basic on-board systems
      • Aviation Legislation
      • Aviation Safety & Analysis Techniques
    • Re-inforce technical theory learned in a practical environment
    • Consolidate all of the above understanding through periodic assessments

Course Duration:


Course Programme Summary of Content:

  • Objectives

    • Aviation Vocabulary:​
      • Learn English for Specific Purposes (ESP)
      • Terminology used in the aviation industry
    • Aviation Theory :
      • Be aware of basic aircraft systems theory
      • Be able to identify major aircraft components & on-board systems Have an appreciation of aviation legislation
      • Understand aviation hazards
      • Have an awareness of safety analysis techniques
    • Practical Exposure:
      • Put theory into practice utilising state-of-the-art training aids
      • Highlight examples of practical application within the Aviation Industry


  • Modular Learning Cycle

    • New Vocabulary
    • English for Specific Purpose
    • Self study Or Formal Tuition
    • Basic Theory
    • Technical Aspects
    • Modular Formal Delivery
    • Hands-on
    • Practical Sessions
    • Training Aids: Link theory with practical application
    • Specific Activities: Integrated into course schedule
    • Reflect & Assess
    • End of Week Assessment
    • Assessment: Check trainees understanding of courseware Identify knowledge gaps